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One of the least invasive ways
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All of my patients are
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Most of the dead skin continues to accumulate each month, not to mention the makeup, oil, dust and dirt that is trapped in pores has been covered the beauty with opaque, blackheads and even acne.

Face blotches from the sun looks more dirty and dark on the poorly maintained skin.

After dr.Olivia finished analyzing your face, she will precisely choose the best Peeling liquid as the needs of your skin.

How the Peeling liquid works:

  • It penetrates into the pores to dissolve any blockages and blackheads, and remove the dead skin cells
  • Killing bacteria and reduce the inflammation
  • Fading any facial blemishes
  • The improvements include the fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars
  • It is even suitable for patients with sensitive skin


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Peeling procedure only takes 10-30 minutes.

  • Refreshing facial skin
  • Skin pores become clean, brown-obstacle free, skin feels soft
  • Tone and texture of the skin become softer and more elastic
  • Younger and healthier skin without red marks and flaking
dr. Olivia then will give the skincare products that will represent us to take care for your skin at home every day, take you to get clean and smooth skin, elegantly shining, soon enough!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why acnes growing on my face when I am no longer a teenager?
Can I squeeze the comedos to clean it?

On the oily skin, dirty / dusty environtment, using makeup everyday gives an opportunity for acnes to appear easilyeven in adulthood. In this age, people are very actively working, busyness level getting higher and being outside so frequently often lead them to stress.

Cleaning the skin at night, if it is less accurate or not appropriately done, plus hormonal fluctuations in the body (in women: menstruation, pregnancy) allows them to have acnes in adulthood that even could be more than teenagers usually have.

People may be think that the only way to clear the comedos is to squeeze it as hard as possible until they come out of the pores, but if this habit is often done , the pores will experience some kind of trauma, the long-term and repeatedly squeezing will make the pore size getting larger, cause facial skin feels rough and looks holey.

And now that thepores are larger, dirts become easier trapped in, comedos grow faster, the pore size and the numbers are also growing.

Why is in my oily face, there are so many large blackish-brown comedos mixed with acnes?
What should I do if stubborn inflamed red acnes suddenly appeared prominently in the morning when I have an important presentation that need to meet a lot of people tomorrow?

People with oily, dull and dirty face need to have an understanding of its own tips in cleaning and caring for his/her face which, if not or less appropriate: oil and dirt will continue to attached, accumulate, and stuck in the face.

It was so easy for dirts to stick in the oily face since it is a fertile ground for bacteria to grow, comedos and acnes growing in the face and it feels much more difficult to clean.
Oily face is so easy to be dirty, dull, filled with comedos and acnes.

Take a short 5 minutes to stop by dr. Olivia’s clinic, she will help you get over your worry. One injection will make the acnes unexpectedly deflated and no longer active. And tomorrow, it is not the acnes as the center of attention, just your charm.

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Patients Testimony

  • Acne on my face was just like a mountain about to burst, big, ripe red and ready to explode!! Kaboooommm ..!!

    2,5 years of treatment here and there… got some crystal facial masks, drug / liquid medicines, lasers, this cream.. that cream.. And the result, is nothing. And what makes me feel “so sick” …… I’m not allowed to eat chocolate and shrimp (OMG).

    In short ... I came to Dr.Olivia’s clinic in September’14, lets say, And voilà …..Perfect ! After 5 month of treatment and I love it!. Wanna proof ? You can see my “Before &After” Pic. Still dont believe me? Let’s meet up at Dr.Olivia’s clinic.

    Honestly… Injection for acne is the most painful thing (well of course, since mine is huge), but lucky, it's just 3 times treatment (20 Sept, 07 Oct & 01 Nov). And then, farewell needles.. up until today.

    Peeling is my favorite treatment because it doesn’t hurt me. And that gel mask, uh I love it soo much!. About Dr. Olivia herself, I think she is so nice and friendly, just her hand sometimes so hard to hold still when she saw acne….hahaha. So get ready for the action from this Doctor.

    I also love to see Dr.Olivia’s face without make up….so shining white and beautiful. Well….. hopefully Dr. Olivia’s clinic will be the last halt for my acne treatments.”

  • My last facial-care cream makes my facial skin thin and oily, my spotty face can not healthily be cleaned. When I consult about it with dr.Olivia Ong, she helped me to get the proper and healthy facial-care cream for my skin. My acne was came out a lot when I stop my treatment cream before, but then I followed her instruction correctly, doing blackhead-peeling once every 2 weeks until my facial skin feels so smooth when I touched it, the acne dried, blackheads free, never been this healthy before. Thanks Dr. Oliv :)

  • I always think that my facial skin is dull and in some spot like the nose and chin, have so many blackheads. At first I thought that with the facial treatment and various creams given to me from my previous skincare, my facial skin problem would be gone. But I was wrong. In fact, new problems arise. My face gets really dependence with those creams, and if I forget to use the cream for just one day, my face reddening and kind of hurt when I touched it.

    Until one day Dr.Olivia gave me Blackheads-peeling treatment and Gel Mask. This treatment successfully changed my looks.

    Now I am blackheads-free, my facial skin so bright and never hanging back with my old creams ever again. Thanks dr.Olivia.

  • What I love about the acne treatments at dr. Olivia’s.. it’s quick.. deflated just after one face also feels more elastic after finishing the Blackheads-peeling.

  • At first I was confused about where to find a good and suitable treatment for me, but thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I found dr.OliviaOng’s clinic.

    I love the treatment here, not just the doctor very friendly, she also truly understand what I need and as the result my face now my became younger, fresh and more beautiful, makes me feel more confident..

    SeftianiHousewife (28)
  • Since long ago, during Junior-High School, to be exact, I started having acne problems in all over my face, any medicines I use is useless, going to famous facial doctors and no results, until one day I find out that there’s a very famous skincare clinic, since I’ve had my own financial income, I decided to try it. And it works!! So I always use it since 2004-2011.

    But then I heard that the long-term use of creams with certain ingredients,can leads us to addiction and has bad effects.So I consulted about it with dr.Olivia, my own friend, to help me explain more about things like that and how to get off of the addiction.

    Then I tried it, after escaping from those creams, my face became all red like a horrible monster (just like in the picture). So finally I contacted dr.Olivia, she directly asked to come to the clinic to have some peeling + bunch of creams + vitamin, I used them until the red spot completely gone, it takes 3-4 times of the use, as I recall, then I tried not to use it at all.

    As a result I no longer addicted to those drugs and my acne problems solved. Thanks to dr. Olivia Ong my dearest friend.

  • Various kinds of doctors, clinics and drugs I tried to solve the skin problems that I have since puberty. Until finally, from the recommendation from a friend, I came to dr.Olivia’s clinic.

    Through modern approach, it’s not just the acne,even the skin became healthier.

    The Roller techniques also make acne scars on the face feels smoother and softer . Thank u doctor :)

  • Blackened and dull face makes me lost my confidence. After 2 times of treatment, the result is incredibleee… my face looks so white and fresh. Satisfaction guaranted… Thank you so much dr.Olivia *two thumbs up


Each patient appeared on this website has gladly give us their permission.
dr.Olivia Ong strongly upholds the confidentiality of patient and never show any information without the permission of the patient concerned.

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