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Beauty & Weight Control

Dealing with excess weight is an ongoing challenge for many people, and while sensible eating and exercise are the most effective long-term solutions, building a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. Some people face immediate threats of illness and disease, making rapid weight loss necessary. In other cases, an overweight person may need an initial boost of motivation to jump-start his weight loss.

If you are looking for an effective, medically approved way to begin a weight loss program that will change your life, you have an option:

dr. Olivia combine one or more supplements in her weight loss injections as a part of her weight loss solutions program.

  • Enjoyable and health-improving programs
  • Breaking any fat stacks around your body
  • Smoothing any cellulites
  • Relieving the blood circulation
  • Supporting the detoxification of the body
  • Tightening the skin and muscles

If someone’s have been a regular follower of fad diets, regular fasting, single food diets, the body may already be deficient in vitamins and mineralsbecause such diets are known to cause nutrient imbalance and be detrimental for health. This is the reason why it is impossible to lose weight or to maintain ideal weight loss in the long term.

Good diet nutrition is essential for health. It also includes efficient metabolism, balanced blood sugar levels and normal appetite. All these factors contribute to weight control and how fast we lose weight. Vitamins also plays an essential role in maintain the good diet nutrition and weight control.

Participating in a weight loss program can be quite a challenge. It takes mental toughness and support to change lifetime habits. But it’s a process you must learn in order to succeed. It’s been said that energy in (food) versus energy out (exercise) will determine whether you gain or lose weight.

Unfortunately for some it is not quite that simple; there are many ‘metabolism blockers’ that must be addressed.
We can help you unravel the mysteries of your metabolism and put you on the road to success!

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Customer Testimony

  • In 2012 I began the treatment with dr. Olivia Ong. My face skin-color was so dull, but after the peeling treatment by dr. Olivia, its getting brighter and softer instantly. This is because the deadskin and blackheads all lifted and reduced little by little. The medicines from dr. Olivia is made from natural ingredients and not addictive, that is why it is safe even if it is used with the daily make-up at once. I feel satisfied about the treatment and the recommendation by dr. Olivia Ong to solve my skin problems.

    Indri Janisca
    Indri JaniscaHousewife (27)
  • dr. Olivia is the most incredibly nice friend I have ever had. dr. Olivia has the beauty both in her outside and the inside. She knew what I wanted and also always make sure I am in my best shape. She helped me to become more beautiful and I am so lucky to be able to know her. The work dr. Olivia did should be called an art and I could not be more satisfied than this.

    Sarah Vi
    Sarah ViActress (34)
  • At first I was confused about where to find a good and suitable treatment for me, but thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I found dr.OliviaOng’s clinic.

    I love the treatment here, not just the doctor very friendly, she also truly understand what I need and as the result my face now my became younger, fresh and more beautiful, makes me feel more confident..

    SeftianiHousewife (28)
  • I am personally very careful in making a choice, especially about the beauty treatments with injection. I have known dr.Olivia Ong for a long time, she was an expert about this physician . dr. Olivia was so patient in explaining and doing the treatment, with very satisfying results.

    Annie Wildan
    Annie Wildan
  • Beautiful, sexy, smart and friendly, that's dr. Olivia Ong. Her patience and friendliness makes me feel comfortable and confident with the treatment. I never want to do Botox and Filler in Indonesia before, but now I had never even doing any treatment abroad, because I am satisfied with the technique and the results I got from dr. Olivia Ong. Thanks dr. Olivia for making me always looks beautiful.

    JPEntrepreneur (49)
  • Her service is so friendly and the treatment did not hurt ..

    Rika Fitriani
    Rika FitrianiHousewife (30)
  • Everyone surprised "..... omg sooooo beautifuuuulll..." they said, and passionately asked where I make this very natural changes.

    Lisnawati Rivai
    Lisnawati RivaiCivil Servants, Balikpapan (38)
  • I visited dr. Olivia Ong to consult about the "smile line" that getting deeper at the age of 30’s. After the consultation, dr. Olivia suggested me to do Restylane® injection, because the results are more natural and last-longer. The process is fast and the needle did not hurt. The smile line was gone instantly, now I look 5 years younger.

    Fera Fei
    Fera FeiEntrepreneur (34)

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