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Antioxidant injection is a treatment to inject vitamin C, Glutathione, vitamin B, and other antioxidants at the optimal dose. After having this injection, the patients will feel their bodies fitter and healthier, be capable of working longer, and be able to recover from an illness quicker when they are sick. Plus the skin becomes brighter, cleaner and smoother. This treatment takes only 5 minutes, and relatively no pain.

A personally tailored infusion of high-potency vitamins B Complex (B1, B6, and B12) and Vitamin C with boosters such as Glutathione (a mega anti-oxidant) mixed in depending on your body’s needs. Administered intravenously by dr. Olivia while you relax and enjoy a calming luxurious facial. The intensive Anti Oxidant Infusion will boost your energy, heighten your immune system, and revitalize your skin, literally, from the inside out! It’s a 30 minutes indulgence that will help you fend off a cold, boost your spirits and give your skin an Oscar worthy GLOW!

  • Convenient procedures
  • Skin getting cleaner every week
  • Fading the black dots, acne and wound scars
  • No more dry skin

A total whitening process of an even tone with an instant glow and supple you will experience. Take a new reborn of skin as moisturized without the use of lotion. Even out those blotches and take this new experience.


Benefits Of Vitamin C

  • Reduce light ray hypersensitive dermatitis; improve skin texture by whitening effect
  • Stimulates the formation of collagen in skin tissues
  • Improves moisture and supple of skin
  • Also helps in common skin infections, where improves faster healing of wounds
  • Reduces minor acne/blemishes, has whitening effect on skin surface

Benefits Of Glutathione

  • Dark spots remover
  • Prevents pimples and removes blemishes
  • Whitens skin and helps cure melasma
  • Anti-aging and anti-wrinkles
  • Makes skin stay supple, smooth, fresh and radiant
  • Treats ulceration
  • Enhance healing of wounds

Patients Testimony

  • I really lucky to meet dr. Olivia Ong. Previously I had a problem with my cheeks, they were too thin due to a strict diet. That makes me look 10 years older. After doing the Filler & Botox treatments, everyone I met said that I look so much brighter and younger. I looooove dr. Olivia so much! She can make me naturally beautiful without the thick makeup. With dr. Olivia, I feel life starting again from the age of 30. Thank you dr. Olivia.

    JavelineBusiness Owner (33)
  • dr. Olivia Ong is always be patient when listening to the complaint from the patients and explain how to beautify themselves in middle age. At first I was scared and worried about the needles, but her hands inject it gently so it does not feel hurt at all. The result makes me look fresh and more confident.

    Ida Suria
    Ida SuriaEntrepreneur (56)
  • Like an artist, dr. Olivia Ong has created masterpieces. Her good looks and her gentle heart make patients feel like meeting a fairy who can make them be more beautiful, confident and get a better job. It is an achievement for dr. Olivia.

    Ratna Listy
    Ratna ListySinger & Presenter (40)
  • I know dr. Olivia by the recommendation from my sister-in-law who has been frequently consulted and she was very pleased with the results.The first time I consulted with her, I was so satisfied with the response from this very friendly doctor who can provide the right solution for the problem of my face. The medicines was made from natural ingredients so I think it is safe to consume.

    Margarita Ciptadi
    Margarita Ciptadi
  • I have known dr. Olivia Ong for over 3 years, she is not only gorgeous but also very professional and cares about her patients. She always choose the best treatment for me. I feel comfortable telling her what less about me and dr. Olivia will always provide the best solution for me. 2 thumbs up for you dr. Olivia, keep up the good work.

    EmmaDirector (46)
  • I was never put my trust on any Botox ® and Filler treatments before, because many say the results are not good and stiff. Then I saw some of my friends who have undergone the treatment with dr. Olivia and I was really amazed by the results. After I tried the treatment, everyone said that I look much younger and fresher.

    Johar Mandrawan
    Johar MandrawanFashion Business Owner (35)
  • I am so happy and proud to know dr.Olivia, she is very kind, friendly, humble and of course, so beautiful inside out … Since the treatment with dr.Olivia Ong, it feels like my confidence grow, dr.Olivia definitely is very skilled and the results is just like what I want.

    Hj. Erni
    Hj. ErniHousewife (28)
  • First time I know dr.Olivia was from the internet. So I called the clinic by phone to ask about the filler treatment for my nose, then I make the appointment to go to the clinic. It turned out that the doctor I met was so friendly, the assistant did the job well, very nice service, and the result is so satisfying. So nice result that a lot of my friends ask me where I do the treatment. So I recommend the treatment with dr.Olivia to my friends. Now I go back and forth so often there for other treatments. Thank you, doctor, for making me looks more beautiful and have more self-confidence..

    Bianca Nur Avinda
    Bianca Nur AvindaHousewife (21)

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